photo List of the best places to fish for a weekend

List of the best places to fish for a weekend

Fishing Trip

For a weekend or a week's vacation, fishing is a very popular hobby. In family or with friends or even alone, it is a great way to get rid of all your stress, and make the youngest family members discover how fascinating it is. In most countries around the world, there is at least one fishing site. However for fishing lovers, a holiday trip to the theme can be done around the world, to fish for all kinds of fish.

The best destinations

If you want at the same time to see new horizons and indulge in your passion, which is fishing, many destinations around the world are full of pretty fishing spots where fish is in abundance. For your enjoyment, discover in this article three must-see destinations for a successful fishing trip. You will have to choose between Alaska, Australia and Senegal. As a true fishing buff, you will not be disappointed.

  • Go salmon fishing in the Lake Creek, Alaska
  • Alaska, in addition to being a beautiful country and a country of freedom, is a small paradise for salmon fishing. To discover the gathering of all species of peaceful salmon, it is especially recommended to come to the Lake Creek territory, which offers different fishing spots to discover absolutely. In addition, the concentration of salmon is incredible.
  • The Northern Territory, Australia: a good place to discover for barramundi fishing
  • During your trip to Australia, go fishing barramundi. This is a very popular freshwater fish with great liveliness that is very popular with both professional and amateur fishermen. However, you can also catch saltwater, because barramundi can also be raised in seawater.
  • Senegal, an exotic fishing destination
  • For an unforgettable tropical fishing trip, it is recommended to come to Senegal. Indeed, it is a very popular destination for sport fishing enthusiasts. Moreover, the country has already won several times the title of world champions sport fishing, as in 2002 and 2003.

Our advice on choosing your cane

Indispensable for fishing, for beginners, here is a summary to choose well.

  • To fish at the edge

If you want to fish at the edge of the water, it will be necessary to use a cane suddenly. It is a simple rod to which a line composed of a float and a hook is fixed.

  • To fish further

If you want to fish bigger fish or if you fish further from the edge, you will have to use a rod with a reel. Whether you fish in freshwater or at sea, you can use a line or a lure with this rod.

Where to find good deals?

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