photo Focus on fishing in Canada for nature lovers

Focus on fishing in Canada for nature lovers

Fishing in Canada

Fishing is a wonderful and eloquent experience. Spending time on the water brings you closer to family and friends. Fishing helps to strengthen the links in the open air. It does not cost you anything.

On the contrary it is beneficial because it also allows you to connect with nature. It's a great adventure offering you multiple possibilities. For nature enthusiasts, fishing in Canada is a unique experience thanks to the protected wilderness and the countless varieties of fish there are over there.

The perfect spots for fishing in Canada

The fishery is well managed in this country, because in the provinces and territories, you can find freshwater species of different kinds, especially as the federal government is responsible for marine species. The most popular destinations for fishermen and nature lovers are:

  • Québec is the main destination because of the beauty of its landscapes. Even if the rules are strict, nature allows you to escape and you can meet various kinds of fish such as: pike, Atlantic salmon, black bass, lake trout.
  • British Columbia province has a wonderful fishing potential that allows you to venture into many courses and discover species such as: Pacific salmon, smallmouth bass, pike, steelhead, trout (brown, arctic). rainbow, brook trout
  • The Caribous: The land of open spaces where many French people come every year. According to them, this place is the closest to the fishing trip to the whole country of the world. It allows for a rewarding experience and strong feelings: well-being, success and proximity to the natural environment.

A generous nature for an unparalleled fishing trip

Fishing in Canada offers many choices; for this purpose, you will need to plan your destinations. Opodo tries to facilitate and perfect your adventures, by orienting your research according to the desired regions or territory.

This online travel agency provides you with all the necessary information related to your travels and in particular the preparation of your fishing sessions before departure. Opodo also offers you low-cost plane tickets if you want to enjoy an aerial view during your trips.

An escape not to be missed in the Quebec City area

In the Quebec region is the birth of fly fishing, precisely in the rivers north-east of Montreal. The regulations and their management systems during the season such as “catch and release” explain the mass arrival of fishermen from all over the world. Indeed, you can find two very distinctive programs: the first is the Petite Cascapedia: open June 5 until September 30, salmon are visible from the month of July.

The second is the Grande Cascapedia, one of the world's most unique salmon cruises and the largest you can catch can weigh up to 10 kg. The third is Bonaventure: the river flows into the Bay of Chaleur and the majority of circuits are public. Always salmon and also wadding and fishing by boat. In addition, you can find different types of fish in the most affluent rivers such as King Salmon, trout, predators, pike. Pack your bags and go!