Image 5 destinations to fish during your holidays

5 destinations to fish during your holidays

During holidays, fishing is included in the common activities that many people, especially holiday makers do. It is not only a hobby but it can also be a source of money and food.

As we know, ¾ of earth is composed by water. Fishing is then an activity that can be practiced everywhere. But fish are not found anywhere. Here are 5 destinations to fish during your holidays. Do not worry about the way to go there; Opodo is anywhere to help you to reach your destination. For more information, visit

5 best places to fish during holidays

1- United States of America

The richest country of the planet, USA is a good destination to spend your holidays fishing. The USA have two oceans which are Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Fishing is then omnipresent.

  • Mississippi: the longest river, Mississippi looks so fabulous to travel by boat on that river and to fish. In the fresh water, fishing is not really difficult.
  • Texas: This area is also an interesting place to fish during your holiday in the USA. In the valley of Rio Grande, there is one lake called Amistad. Fish abound in this lake.

2- Scotland

It interests many people thanks to its abundance of fish. This country has many lakes and rivers where you can fish, 6000 lakes and 600 rivers. You can have a fishing trip to the rivers of Spey and Tweed that are the most famous.

3- Russia

It has many peninsulas where fishing can be done essentially in spring. After skiing or trekking, you can fish because fish abound in this area.

  • Peninsula of Kola: this tiny land has a good place in the case of fishing thank to the abundance of Atlantic salmon. Salmon has the reputation as biggest fish in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Peninsula of Kamchatka: it is almost like the peninsula of kola; characterized by the abundance of salmon.

4- Australia

During your holidays in Australia, fishing is never forgotten by most holiday makers.

  • Australia's ocean serves as the refuge of the fish that is the why it is exciting to fish there. On the beach, you can get taimen or farouche which is the famous fish there.
  • Between Cairns and Lizard Island, black marlin can be trapped. A real hobby by boat is going on. Don't worry about the boat, opodo can help you reach and visit your destination.

5- Brazil

It is a common destination of holiday maker fisher. Peacock bass: it is a beautiful colored fish that differentiates Brazil. You will be able to take advantage of fishing once you are there. Brazil is a maritime country that has a wide space to fish. The existence of amazon proves that fishing can be done anywhere.

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